Yu Yin

Yin, Yu.Project MotiVATeHonoree: Yu Yin

Honored by: Project MotiVATe

Cause Area: Youth Services

Yu Yin, also known as Kelly in Project MotiVATe, has only been with us since September but has quickly established herself as dependable and hardworking. One of the very first tasks she was given was to archive over ten years worth of paperwork and files to get scanned and digitized. As our administrative and finance coordinator, she has created her own protocol on keeping track of expenses and logging everything into Yin, Yu.Project MotiVATe2quickbooks in a timely manner. There aren’t set hours within our organization but Kelly always sets time aside to come into the office to file away documents or print any necessary paperwork for our youth and parents.

Outside of being a coordinator, she puts in a lot of time working with our youth. Kelly’s day job is a tutor and she uses her skills to assist our mentees with their homework. She also has had a great influence on the way we run and structure our weekly study halls which is three hours of tutoring at Golden West College.

Even though Kelly is new to the program, she brings in a lot of great ideas and isn’t afraid to voice her opinion. Her work ethic is contagious and she is a very strong team player with a great head on her shoulders. She is funny and inquisitive. Kelly truly cares about our mentees and their well being. Project MotiVATe is very lucky to have her. Kelly is able to operate on her own now but still contributes to the group whenever needed.

During a rough patch in our program year, our Associate Program Director and three of the four coordinators transitioned out of our program. Kelly didn’t panic. Her work ethnic and demeanor didn’t waver. She remained professional throughout everything that has gone on and continues to strive. I believe Kelly should be honored because she is such an unsung hero within our program. She is bright, funny, and a great asset to any team. I feel very lucky to have worked with her for the past few months and look forward to all of the great things she’ll do for our community.



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